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AGE: 30's

By day, in red coat and bearskin hat, he stands at rigid attention in front of Buckingham Palace. By night he is an adventurer, rogue and jewel thief. Tall, strong and deadly with most firearms and edged weapons, he has been a SAS trooper until he was involved in a covert operation to recover stolen royal treasures that went badly awry. His appointment to the Coldstream Guards detachment if the Foot Guards was by direct intercession of the Queen, who rather dotes on Basil as sort of a personal pet (much to chagrin of his superior officers)

If Basil weren't a member of an elite unit, he would probably be in jail. Alaric Moebius, his partner in adventure and crime serves to keep him in line, mostly for self-serving purposes. Crudely put, Moebius is the brains and Fox is the brawn, but the relationship is more complex than that. Basil Fox is the one with the common sense and real-world technical skills. What he lacks in culture and higher education, he makes up for in raw street smarts, and a gut-level understanding of human psychology.

As much of Moebius would like to think of himself as a ruthless badass, he possesses a deeply imbedded kernel of real kindness, which always prevents him from taking that one extra step over the line that Basil has no compunctions about. Vulgar, gruff, proud of his working class roots, Basil is fiercely loyal to his friends, unlucky in love, and a danger to his enemies.

Basil thinks of Alaric as the absent-minded professor who needs to be protected from his bumbling self. Alaric thinks Basil as lovable but slightly dim-witted and in need of his superior reasoning abilities. Both see in each other, a bit of the something that is missing in themselves...